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Four Reasons Why Men Request the Companionship of Lollipop Escorts

There are a lot of reasons why men look to Las Vegas escorts to occupy their time. Contrary to popular belief, it is not all about sex. Sometimes men just want some companionship that they cannot find through their normal sources of communication.

I recently explored this issue online and found some surprising answers, including some confessions from former Las Vegas escorts as to what they encountered in their paths.

Lollipop Escorts: Confessionals from the men who have used the services and the escorts that showed them the way.

1) Some clients have gone on record saying that they are not happy at home.

“People look at your life. They think your marriage is great. You have two kids. You swim in the social circles you are supposed to. In a way, you have to “keep up appearances.” My wife only married me for the status I brought to the table. It was an arrangement, nothing more.”

“I started using the escorts service in Vegas because I needed something I was not getting. Some nights I wanted someone to have dinner with where we did not have to talk about the kids or our picture-perfect life( you know, going out to dinner to keep up the act). Other times, I wanted someone to have some great sex with. My needs were not being met at home.”


Kevin’s story is not unusual. According to several escorts, they have a lot of clients who fit that bill.

2) Sometimes the client just wants to share a dinner date with someone instead of eating alone.

“I have booked appointments with clients who want “someone to share your time with. I had one client that took me to a nice restaurant for a great meal. He has even bought me some nice clothing and jewelry here and there. I do not ask for these things. He simply gives to me without question. I only saw this client two or three times a month, but it was a nice date when it happened.”

Rose, former escort at Lollipop Escorts


3) The client sometimes feels the partner he has let herself go. That happens with some women, especially after they have a few kids. Some women just stop trying to look good for their man. They feel the guy is already bound to them through marriage, so it does not matter what she looks like.

“I cannot tell you the number of men I have provided services for who fit that description. We start with a nice dinner date. Depending on what I am wearing that night, he and I will go back to the hotel room and have several hours of the hottest sex you have ever had in your life. The sex part is outlined in the agreement ahead of time, but you get what I mean. Some men get very turned on by women who make the effort to look good. Some outfits make more of an impression than others if you get my meaning.”

“Several men have confided in me that this is the main reason they start to lose interest. I am not saying whether his feelings are right or wrong. I am simply providing the service for him.”

Britney, a former employee for escorts service in Vegas

4) Some men do not feel like a priority in their relationship. They want to be seen.

“I wanted someone to pay attention to me for once. I know a lot of people. They are either married, not my type, or not interested in me, in that way. It was nice to finding someone to share your time with who wanted to be there. I know she was getting paid, but it is the thought that counts. It was better than sitting home alone and binge-watching reruns on tv again.