My life as an escort

My life as an escort

People think the life of an escort is fun and exciting, but we wanted to know the truth behind the high heels and pantyhose. We gathered 5 former and current girls into a room to reveal their deepest and inner-most secrets about life as an escort. I found some of their replies very interesting. You might too. Life, as an escort, you will find has both a light and dark side.

Five Confessions

Confession #1: Friends Humiliated

I was never ashamed of what I did, but the conversation turned awkward when I talked about with my friends. My guy friends were probably the worst offenders. My friends wanted to know what I was doing because I was gone at odd times. I would come back later with a lot of cash. I told them what was going on. Some of my girlfriends were very sympathetic. Others were not. I got judged a lot by my friends. The guys wanted me to send them pics of me doing what I was doing. I guess they need something else besides the latest issue of Playboy or another porn video to bust their nut. Hey, I am being honest here.

That was four years ago, maybe. Needless to say, some of my friends who run in that circle are still around. The others walked away. I could not deal with the judgments and talking about me behind my back. This is one job where you find out who your true friends are.

Confession #2:Leaving the Lifestyle

I used to work as a waitress in college. Someone told me about this “opportunity.” I started pulling down at least $5,000 in one night. Some clients wanted more than just idle chit-chat. I made more money when I started doing sexual things. I did not like doing that, but the money was great. I make more money doing this then I would being a waitress for five years. I lied to my parents about what I was doing. I finally got out after college.

There is a scar on me that will never go away. I saw the dark side of that world that no one sees. I learned a lot. I made sure I was always protected. It might be great for some, but not me.

Confession #3: Hot Guys Not Very Hot

I am simply stating my opinion here. Girls, you are going to very disappointed if you think you will go to bed with the hottest guys on the planet. Newsflash: They can get sex anytime they want for free, gay or straight. The only available attractive men will want a thrill or have a sex addiction of some kind. I tell you that based on personal experience. The sex addiction might sound appealing on paper, but not up close and personal. These guys have some serious psychological issues.

Confession # 4: I Am Not Ashamed

My man supports what I do. He knows it is business. He gets the benefit of what I do when I get home. He has got nothing to worry about. Besides, I have an iron-clad agreement of what I will and will not do with clients. They know not to mess with me.

Confession #5: Openness

My husband knows what I do for a living. I think it turns him on. I make sure that my clients know I do nothing more than dinners and sharing company. I save the sex part for my husband when I get home. Whenever I come back from an appointment he is ready to go. My husband just has to look at my outfit and we spend the next few hours in bed having the most mind-numbing sex you have ever had.

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