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My life as an escort

People think the life of an escort is fun and exciting, but we wanted to know the truth behind the high heels and pantyhose. We gathered 5 former and current girls into a room to reveal their deepest and inner-most secrets about life as an escort. I found some of their replies very interesting. You might too. Life, as an escort, you will find has both a light and dark side.

Five Confessions

Confession #1: Friends Humiliated

I was never ashamed of what I did, but the conversation turned awkward when I talked about with my friends. My guy friends were probably the worst offenders. My friends wanted to know what I was doing because I was gone at odd times. I would come back later with a lot of cash. I told them what was going on. Some of my girlfriends were very sympathetic. Others were not. I got judged a lot by my friends. The guys wanted me to send them pics of me doing what I was doing. I guess they need something else besides the latest issue of Playboy or another porn video to bust their nut. Hey, I am being honest here.

That was four years ago, maybe. Needless to say, some of my friends who run in that circle are still around. The others walked away. I could not deal with the judgments and talking about me behind my back. This is one job where you find out who your true friends are.

Confession #2:Leaving the Lifestyle

I used to work as a waitress in college. Someone told me about this “opportunity.” I started pulling down at least $5,000 in one night. Some clients wanted more than just idle chit-chat. I made more money when I started doing sexual things. I did not like doing that, but the money was great. I make more money doing this then I would being a waitress for five years. I lied to my parents about what I was doing. I finally got out after college.

There is a scar on me that will never go away. I saw the dark side of that world that no one sees. I learned a lot. I made sure I was always protected. It might be great for some, but not me.

Confession #3: Hot Guys Not Very Hot

I am simply stating my opinion here. Girls, you are going to very disappointed if you think you will go to bed with the hottest guys on the planet. Newsflash: They can get sex anytime they want for free, gay or straight. The only available attractive men will want a thrill or have a sex addiction of some kind. I tell you that based on personal experience. The sex addiction might sound appealing on paper, but not up close and personal. These guys have some serious psychological issues.

Confession # 4: I Am Not Ashamed

My man supports what I do. He knows it is business. He gets the benefit of what I do when I get home. He has got nothing to worry about. Besides, I have an iron-clad agreement of what I will and will not do with clients. They know not to mess with me.

Confession #5: Openness

My husband knows what I do for a living. I think it turns him on. I make sure that my clients know I do nothing more than dinners and sharing company. I save the sex part for my husband when I get home. Whenever I come back from an appointment he is ready to go. My husband just has to look at my outfit and we spend the next few hours in bed having the most mind-numbing sex you have ever had.

Beware The ESCORTS Scam


Some businesses will promote their services in a legit manner and then take from their unsuspecting clients. I saw an episode of that on Beverly Hills 90210 show. Two girls got David drunk, seduced him, and then ran off with his credit cards and cash. The two girls were apprehended luckily, but not every client is that lucky, especially in the real world. I mean, we are talking about a tv show from the 90s here.

Now, time for a reality check. We sat down with a former escort to talk about how to combat the issues in the section below.

1)Account Information

Personal information should be left alone until you know you can trust the agency you work with. It is David’s story all over again. Agencies that ask for your details and account information before anything else should no be trusted. You might as well hand over the keys to your safety while you are there. they should not have access to your social security number or passcodes either.

I have seen a lot of clients be taken advantage by fraud. We hear a lot in the escort business. Word gets around when someone has been scammed. We are not stupid when it comes to this industry.

2)Serviced Rendered

What type of services do you want? Do you want someone to talk to? Do you want someone to have sex with? What type of sexual activity are you looking at? These questions need to be answered before clients book an appointment with us.

I have seen a lot of clients complain about their bills when I was escorting, many years ago. The more details you offer about what you want, the more you will understand the bill when it comes in the mail.

Booking an appointment just to talk is not going to do much damage to your credit card. We have been known to be very good therapists for our clients. I cannot tell you how many clients I have helped out. All they needed was a shoulder to cry on.

On the other hand, some clients want something more intimate. I mean, more than just oral sex, though we do get a lot of clients who want that too. Some clients are not satisfied at home. They come to us to release their pent up energy. The more intimate the booking is, the higher the bill is going to be. I want clients to consider that when they do their calculations.

“I had one client who wanted everything. I am talking “Masters and Johnsons Greatest Hits. His bill was very high after the session ended.”

3)Payment Received

I have seen this happen to a lot of good people. They make their payment to the agency before the appointment begins. They are left hanging while the agency has their money. Most reputable escort companies are not going to ask for payment until the day of or after. Payment plans are available, I guess, but do not stake your life on that. The escort service wants the cash now and on time. That is one way they establish trust, at least the company I worked for did. It also lets the agency know you are credible enough to book again if you wish.


You never, and I cannot stress this enough, use your work email for conducting business. It happens a lot, I am sorry to say. The last thing you want your boss to see is an email about getting oral sex from an escort later that day. It is worse when your boss finds out you are having multiple sex appointments with the same service.

Keep business and personal separate. We do.

Confessions From A Former Escort: It Is More About the Mind and Soul, Then It Is About the Body

We spoke with a former escort recently about her time in the business. Her answers might surprise some of you. She articulated that, in her experience, it is more about communication and the mind, then it is about the body and great sex.

“Some people assume that we are having non-stop great sex every night with a client. That is not always the case. Some of the best times I have had with a client is when he and I are sitting around talking about life. You might be surprised at how many extremely intelligent high profile clients I have dealt with. Sex is also part of the package(no pun intended) but it is not the be-all and end-all of the situation.”

We asked her to elaborate on some of the specifics of her experiences below with three examples.

1)Clear and Concise

Escorting can become very emotional. It does take its toll after a while. That is why I implore clients to be as honest as they can be. Honesty includes more than just when you want me to show up and what you want me to do. Almost anyone can do some of the more basic sexual services we offer. Once again, it is not about that. There have been times we get left hanging because the client says he will be there and then does not show.

Clients can be left hanging when their needs are not met. It is a responsibility that rests on both people. Clients have to tell us what they want. It is our job to come through.

Escorts Tonight
What happens if there is something you do not want to do?

That is a question we get asked a lot. Once again, it comes down to communication, We have to be honest with every client about what we will and will not do. It is about boundaries. Both parties have to establish boundaries right away. Tell the client if there is something you feel uncomfortable with, sexual or otherwise. They have the choice to find someone else who can fulfill the wishes if you cannot. You have the right to turn a client down, just as they have the right to turn you down.

2) You have to want to be there. Clients can tell when you are not into what is happening, especially sexually. That is why you need to keep the lines of communication open. You need to tell them they have crossed a line if you feel they have.

In other words, you cannot just “go through the motions.” Clients want to see how wild you can get, depending on what sexual activity you are performing.

“Some men like a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets.”

That does not apply to every client, but some can get very dirty and kinky. That is why you need clear boundaries on what you will and will not do for them.

3) Communicate does not include unloading your emotional troubles on their doorstep. The client wants you to be professional. The client wants you to take care of their needs. They have a different type of “unloading” in mind(once again, no pun intended.)

I always suggest using a scented lotion. Come dressed to the “nines.” High-end does not translate to trashy slut. Clients who want that can go beg on the streets of Hollywood Boulevard(Case in point: Pretty Woman).

Hint: Dress well, but not too good. The goal is not to be thought of like a hooker. You could get thrown in jail for that.

Your hygiene needs to be impeccable too. The client will say something if he feels you are not looking well. Once again, communication.

Four Reasons Why Men Request the Companionship of Lollipop Escorts

There are a lot of reasons why men look to Las Vegas escorts to occupy their time. Contrary to popular belief, it is not all about sex. Sometimes men just want some companionship that they cannot find through their normal sources of communication.

I recently explored this issue online and found some surprising answers, including some confessions from former Las Vegas escorts as to what they encountered in their paths.

Lollipop Escorts: Confessionals from the men who have used the services and the escorts that showed them the way.

1) Some clients have gone on record saying that they are not happy at home.

“People look at your life. They think your marriage is great. You have two kids. You swim in the social circles you are supposed to. In a way, you have to “keep up appearances.” My wife only married me for the status I brought to the table. It was an arrangement, nothing more.”

“I started using the escorts service in Vegas because I needed something I was not getting. Some nights I wanted someone to have dinner with where we did not have to talk about the kids or our picture-perfect life( you know, going out to dinner to keep up the act). Other times, I wanted someone to have some great sex with. My needs were not being met at home.”


Kevin’s story is not unusual. According to several escorts, they have a lot of clients who fit that bill.

2) Sometimes the client just wants to share a dinner date with someone instead of eating alone.

“I have booked appointments with clients who want “someone to share your time with. I had one client that took me to a nice restaurant for a great meal. He has even bought me some nice clothing and jewelry here and there. I do not ask for these things. He simply gives to me without question. I only saw this client two or three times a month, but it was a nice date when it happened.”

Rose, former escort at Lollipop Escorts


3) The client sometimes feels the partner he has let herself go. That happens with some women, especially after they have a few kids. Some women just stop trying to look good for their man. They feel the guy is already bound to them through marriage, so it does not matter what she looks like.

“I cannot tell you the number of men I have provided services for who fit that description. We start with a nice dinner date. Depending on what I am wearing that night, he and I will go back to the hotel room and have several hours of the hottest sex you have ever had in your life. The sex part is outlined in the agreement ahead of time, but you get what I mean. Some men get very turned on by women who make the effort to look good. Some outfits make more of an impression than others if you get my meaning.”

“Several men have confided in me that this is the main reason they start to lose interest. I am not saying whether his feelings are right or wrong. I am simply providing the service for him.”

Britney, a former employee for escorts service in Vegas

4) Some men do not feel like a priority in their relationship. They want to be seen.

“I wanted someone to pay attention to me for once. I know a lot of people. They are either married, not my type, or not interested in me, in that way. It was nice to finding someone to share your time with who wanted to be there. I know she was getting paid, but it is the thought that counts. It was better than sitting home alone and binge-watching reruns on tv again.